Is it possible for a charter school to operate outside the US, like in the Philippines?

It may not operate exactly like in the U.S., but in the country and state can allow any school to operate as long as it’s consistent with their local laws. It would depend on regulations in that area.

It’s not really possible to give you qualifications for children, because those are set by each individual charter school. Sorry.

I wish more people were educated about the payday loans Ohio dangers of charter schools. Charter schools care a lot about how your child performs on standardized tests. If they do not perform well on these tests it could jeopardize their continuance and they could potentially be shut down. If your child is not performing well in the class this can mean a lot of things. Parents will be brought in and will be told and coerced into doing certain things in order to help their child improve. The children in the school that I worked in were humiliated if they were not performing to a certain level. The top children were given parties and prizes and the rest of the children were left in the classroom. Some would cry and feel sad because they knew they were not being rewarded for their performance.

Yes, the academic coaches actually assigns the teachers homework

Parents would complain and ask to pick those children up early and the administration would not assist them in this. I was told as a teacher to keep my mouth shut and not accommodate those parents that wanted to pick up their children so their children could be spared the humiliation. I then found out that this happens in a lot of other Charter Schools too. Charter school pay for teachers is much lower than public schools. They are not transparent at all with their staff. This means that they will not tell you how much work is truly required. Teachers in my school were expected to give up their lunch break and were not given periods to prepare as teachers are given in public schools.

They are completely lacking in sports programs music programs and any other kind of extracurricular programs

In order to prepare for the following week I would have to give up three quarters of every single weekend. And during vacations when we were expecting to celebrate holidays we were actually given homework. I remember taking some of the homework on the airplane with me on my way to Florida. Unbelievable! There is no contract so they can treat you in any way they want. There is nothing you can do about this. There is no Union and you are an at-will employee. This means they can fire you at any time. In the school that I worked in the the other schools that were affiliated with us , there were multiple teachers every year that would disappear because they couldn’t keep up with the workload and were being horribly mistreated by the administration.

Parents would ask, complain and wonder what happened to these teachers and they were never given an explanation. It is a horrible environment to work in. It is stressful and many people that work there have not only no certification to teach but some of them don’t even have college degrees. I remember going to a luncheon with all the faculty staff of my charter school and I remember one of the administrators got up and complained that he didn’t want his child going to school with white people so he was happy to bring him to our charter school which was predominantly African-American and Hispanic. Anything goes in these organizations.