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Unveiling our latest innovation: the Rental Flexible LED Display. Seamlessly combining the swift setup of a rental module with the versatility of flexible displays, it’s a game-changer. Easy assembly, diverse installations, and dynamic shapes: your events just found a new dimension!

Rental LED Advantage

The RF series of LED displays has a modular design that allows it to be easily connected and configured into a variety of sizes and shapes. The following shapes are commonly used: curved, cylindrical, spherical, convex and concave, customized.

The RF Series LED displays provide an immersive experience and offers a distinctive visual experience for viewers because of the following features: surround design, wide visual effects, high brightness and contrast, dynamic content capabilities, interactive effects.

The immersive experience provided by flexible large-scale rental LED displays creates visually captivating and memorable environments for events, concerts, exhibitions, trade shows and other large-scale facilities


Application Scenarios

Concerts and live events Corporate and Conference Exhibitions Stage Background Advertising and Retail Sport Arenas | Transportations Museums and Galleries Entertainment | Casinos

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